How Adventures Happen

I don’t remember when we first started talking about the Big Lap but it was definitely while we were living in Brisbane. It could have been over a coffee, while sipping a beer on the deck of The Regatta or out riding the River Loop. Clearly the formation of an idea, which turned into a dream, that will in time manifest as our reality brewed over time rather than striking us both at a specific moment. But, the important thing was that it did happen and we will do it.

My name is Annie and I’m probably going to be the main contributor to this website. My husband, Matt, has not shown much interest in documenting our adventures. He’d rather be pouring over 4WD maps or modifying our van (The Egg) which we will get to later, and living in the moment, which to his credit he is amazingly good at. We’ve been married for just over 3 years, met 6 years ago on Tinder (no really), and both work in health. Matt is a gun exercise physiologist and I am a care manager in an aged care facility. What is going to be particularly interesting on the road is that for the entirety of our married life the longest we’ve spent together under one roof is 6 weeks (Matt does FIFO)…she’ll be right.

Thank you for following our adventures!


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